Body and Mind Retreat

Relaxing Your Body and Mind...

Body & Mind Retreat is a specialized travel agency in wellness experiences, both for individuals and groups that would like to organize a retreat in the island of Bali and other destinations.

We propose some programs and itineraries, but you can also add elements and tailor your stay and retreat in Bali according to your needs and budget. We will help you to create your own personal escape experience.

We have helped already many group leaders and visitors to maximize their retreat programs: yoga, meditation, detox, healthy lifestyle, spirituality, coaching, sufi, dancing, wellness oriented convention, etc. Whatever is your preferred theme, we will do our best to get the ideal location and services to create a unique event. For group leaders that want to concentrate on their retreat and their participants, we can take care of the details and help to make it easy.

As a department in a travel agency with more than 10 years background, we have the experience and associates to make your vacation smooth and easy.

We have visited many venues ideal for this type of wellness experience and have a big network of therapists and practitioners that can complete your program and stay in Bali and other destinations.

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